Sarah Jarosz – “Mile on the Moon”

Sarah Jarosz. Photo by Scott Simontacchi courtesy Sugar Hill Records

Spellbinding, mesmerizing: these are the words that come to mind when watching this beautiful performance by Sarah Jarosz recorded by Mason Jar Music. The simple stirring of dust, catching the light that’s cascading through the windows, creates a dreamy suspended atmosphere, pulling the physical performance into the realm of the song.


Jake Bugg – “Two Fingers” + “Lightening Bolt”

This folk phenom will have you doing a double-take when you see his image after hearing him sing. Jake Bugg, at the ripe age of 18, is writing songs that sound so timeless and classic it’s hard to believe they are produced in the present day. After listening to several of his songs, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a range of artists such as Donovan, The Beatles, and Oasis. He’s just one of those artists that you can’t listen to without feeling good.

The Lone Bellow – “Two Sides of Lonely”


It’s not often you hear as compelling a story in the music industry as that of the creation of The Lone Bellow. When his wife had an accident that almost left her paralyzed from the neck down, Zach Williams coped creatively through writing. Upon realizing the wealth of songwriting material amongst those notes, he set out (literally, he moved to Brooklyn) to form The Lone Bellow, to more fully express and process this brush with tragedy. This group has pure and powerful talent, backed by the sincerity and depth of the lyrics.  They have labeled their sound as “Brooklyn country music,” and I can’t argue with that. You can stream their whole self-titled album on NPR First Listen.