Bastille – “Of The Night”

Of the Night is a dark, dance-infused loop of heavy beats. A song that fits in a party scene as much as a murder scene: just watch their recently premiered video. I love to see music videos with such well directed concepts: story lines that create a new perspective of the song instead of stealing attention from it. Listen and watch to the haunting pop of Bastille above.


Yeah Boy – “Can’t Get Enough”


The Boxer Rebellion – Diamonds


Panama Wedding – “All of the People”


It really doesn’t get fresher or better than this: Panama Wedding has come out of the woodwork with a polished, catchy pop tune that could rival the big leaguers. It’s the breakout song that completes the summer playlist you thought you had perfected a month ago. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

Bipolar Sunshine – “Rivers”


Bipolar Sunshine is Adio Marchant’s solo project based out of Manchester. His songs are an interesting mix of experimental and soul.

Joywave – “Tongues feat. Kopps (RAC Remix)”


Kito + Reija Lee – “Sweet Talk”


This Memorial Day Weekend I visited a friend in Los Angeles. The traffic was about as bad as lore, but the best thing about driving is listening to music as loud as you want, jamming the whole ride. We had plenty of time in the car and luckily this little gem of a song came on: