Frightened Rabbit in Concert at Webster Hall

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This weekend I went to see Frightened Rabbit in concert at Webster Hall. Great live performance for the most part. The lead singer and songwriter, Scott Hutchison, isn’t much of a talker (or maybe he used up his banter in the show the night before), but he really proved his stage presence when he ventured up to the balcony among some of the audience to perform an acoustic song with no mic. The only interruptions were an offered, and taken, shot of patron from a nearby fan and one “WOOOOO” from the crowd as he started his somber song.  He captured the attention of the whole venue, and managed to keep it, for a great moment that really connected with the crowd.


Robby Hunter Band – “Hard On Me”


Coasts – “Wallow”


You’ve seen them here before and you are bound to see them here many more times! Coasts’recently released a new song and the accompanying video that was premiered within days of the single. The video is simple enough, but the song is worth the listen.

Ambassadors – “Unconsolable”

ambassadorsI had a really hard time figuring out which song to feature for the Ambassadors, but finally settled on showing their only official music video. Listen to everything else though; it’s all solid songwriting. If you check out their soundcloud, you’ll also see that they went awhile covering a new song every week, really re-envisioning each sound. Check ’em out:

Wild Party – “When I Get Older”


Here’s a band from San Antonio, TX to kick off the weekend! You can’t be named Wild Party without being fun, right?

Bastille – “Pompeii”


I am completely captivated by the layering of the drums, chanting, and singing in this song by Bastille. Can’t. Stop. Won’t. Stop. Listening.

Port Isla – “Sinking Ship”

urlDo I mention Fleet Foxes a lot when describing other bands? I suppose that only goes to show my taste in music… How about these gents from the UK: Port Isla!